Day 2: Still Figuring This Thing Out and Tropical Storm Isaac

Well here goes day 2 of my blog, or page, or post… which is it?  I’m not really sure, apparently each one represents something different in the world of blogging. I suppose I’ll get it all figured out eventually. For now, it’s just me and my computer winging it anyway. I really don’t think anyone would be interested to read this yet. (well maybe Wendy!)                                          -If you are reading this though, I welcome the feedback…. but please be kind. 🙂  I am new to this world and I prefer constructive guidance over harsh criticism to help me improve.

I know in order to have a blog you’re supposed to have one specific goal or theme in mind to be blogging about. But anyone who knows me knows that that is not me. I never have just one thing going on at a time, ever.  For now, this is going to be about all the things that go on in my life that have to do with living on an island (a French one at that) in the Caribbean and all that it entails; food, wine, fun, friends (human and animal), wildlife (human and animal) and maybe a taste of the not so exciting ho-hum side of life on an 8 square mile island getting by with a language I barely understand half of.

Day 2 blogging et voila, on y va!

TODAY’S SUBJECT:  Tropical Storm Isaac.

Photo Courtesy of my friend, Fanny Bartier.

The storm passed us last night. We allegedly still have the outer bands going through this morning. This island did get some wind with big seas & surf- but what a disappointment in terms of rain. St. Maarten got rain, everyone around us got rain. We got 2-5 minute (literally, I timed them!) downpours that started and stopped abruptly. On an island like this which is pretty dry anyway, I was disappointed. I was ready for a bit more than we got.  I know I should be careful what I ask for, especially when it comes to Mother Nature, but I can’t help it. You see, storms bring excitement to an otherwise Every Day is The Same as the Other existence. Sun is nice- I love living in shorts, tank tops and flip-flops, but when there’s a tropical storm or hurricane headed our way, it gives (me at least) a sense of urgency, a sense of excitement, something to “look forward” to that otherwise just doesn’t exist here for me.

He (Isaac) in now cruising through the caribbean, just south of Puerto Rico and headed for Haiti, Cuba and eventually Florida. The excitement/ non-excitement is over for our little rock for a while- but the ‘big wave’ surfers are thrilled I’m sure! Good luck to those in it’s path. It seems to be strengthening and will bring lots of rain & floods to you up there.

It’s a jungle in here!

I think I’ll use the opportunity  today, now that all my potted plants are moved inside my cottage, to do a thorough cleaning of my terrace. Ooh that’s a thrilling day isn’t it?


One thought on “Day 2: Still Figuring This Thing Out and Tropical Storm Isaac

  1. Good Saturday Morning to you Holly! (10-20-12)
    Answering e-mails and surprised to connect with your blog through Linkedin.

    Really loving your blog. Know – that Wendy is not your only follower. I, too, try to visit as often as possible.

    Know – that you do not need years of wisdom to so eloquently leave your thoughts in writing. I admire your thought-pattern useage. Does that make sense?

    Know – you are not alone and never be afraid in your wildest wonderings of, “who am I, and, where am I going”? Years through the journey, you are going to realize how it is all connecting, how many lessons have been taught, (over and over until you finally, “get them”). You are a very “hearty soul”!

    Keep this up. I want to be reading it when I am 100 years old! This is better than any book I have read in a long time. One I can’t put down. REALLY!!!!

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