Cookie Obsession

A touch of sophistication, for whatever I prepare!

What is it with my sudden and unexplainable cravings for chocolate chip cookies lately?

….And before any minds go there, let me just state here and now for the record that I am not pregnant. I am however strangely obsessed.  I want cookies! every day! Its strange because I don’t generally have a sweet tooth, I rarely buy junk food or keep snacky-sweet stuff in my house so this is really an abnormality for me. For over a week I have not been able to get the thought of chocolate chip cookies out of my head.  One problem; because I live on this very small french island it isn’t possible for me to go to the store  & buy myself a package of what used to be my favorite; Chewy Chips Ahoy.
I bought other brands of cookies hoping to satisfy the craving, but no, oh no they just did not cut it. So since the french are known more for their chocolate croissants than for their chocolate chip cookies I’ve fallen back on the fine art of baking my own from scratch.  And this, to me, is where the story gets good.

I have discovered that not having any access to chocolate chips (no sign of that trademark yellow bag anywhere) is actually a blessing! Entertain, if you will, the idea of substituting those small chocolate chips, who’s bag simply states “semi-sweet morsels” for an amazing bar of Lindt 70% dark chocolate, who’s wrapper clearly states in French: ” the dark chocolate with intense aromas that give a touch of sophistication to all that you prepare” …Envision this rich dark intense sophistication, coarsely chopped up to the size of my choosing and tossed at will into what is currently my definition of heaven on earth (the freshly whipped up combination of butter, sugar, egg, flour & vanilla). GOOD GOD, this ain’t your grandma’s chocolate chip cookie! I mean, comfort food is one thing, but when you can manage to change one little aspect of what you’ve known your whole life and realize it’s almost as if you’ve just discovered it for the very first time?… That is a moment to treasure my friends! A moment worth holding on to, a moment worth savoring, a moment worth blogging about!  I have rediscovered paradise. And I’m not talking about this island I live on, I’m talking about these little islands that I create on my old cookie sheet.

Now I know I’m not the first one to sub out chips for chunks, but I’ll tell you one thing right now, I am so inspired by my Lindt 70% cacao cookies, that I can no longer call them chocolate chip cookies. They deserve more. They deserve better. They make me happy, and it’s one obsession that I am thoroughly blissful over.  BUT… me being me, I cannot settle with things as they are.  I am inspired to make another very small batch again tomorrow (because I have the common sense to allow myself the indulgence without over-indulgence I’ve quartered the recipe and only cook off a few at a time). Tomorrow I’m taking it even a step further to see if I can improve it even a little more. -One thing that will not be changing though, is my choice of chocolate.  I will work on my next recipe during daylight and take pics to post, since in my haste today I wizzed right through without even giving a thought that I may want end up writing about it tonight. I can’t wait!

So until next time, bon appetit and bonne nuit.


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