Taking a Quick Break

Too much of anything is just too much.

Some people save up all their vacation time and money just to visit for a week, the area that I live in.

The Caribbean: it conjures up visions of tranquility and peace of mind; tan bikini bodies on the beach, soaking up the sun, sipping an adult cocktail, toes in the sand, worries left behind.
When a person lives there, it’s a bit of another story. Somehow those who live on the mainland seem to think that by residing on an island, you’re living in a constant state of vacation-like bliss without any regular real-life problems or hassles. The reality is far from that. The reality is that those ideas are a dreamer’s fantasy- and it’s impossible to convince those who don’t know what living actual island life is like to think any other way. …..Nor do I really want to convince anyone otherwise, because to do so would squash their visions of paradise that get them through their own day-to-day existence. I am not a dream-squasher, so when people ask about my life, instead of trying to get them to see the realities of what island life can be like, I say this; “it’s like any other place on the planet. It has its ups & downs, good sides & bad sides. Everything always comes at a price; a trade-off. …Even in paradise.” People seem to nod their heads in acceptance of that answer, and it doesn’t spark a whole you’re nuts, you live in paradise & you’re complaining?! debate, which I hate. It’s a perfectly acceptable answer to both parties in which we can move the conversation forward in many directions.

Having said all that, here I sit, on December 6, in a big comfy leather chair, cup of hot coffee on the table on one side, fire blazing from the (gas converted) wood stove on the other, looking out the glass doors onto the sky & ridge line that is the cold, stark winter beauty of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
I’ve taken a quick & much needed break to my own place of tranquility- my condo in the mountains.

The Caribbean is indeed a paradise; an island oasis in tropical climate. I love it there, I love so much about it and I love the life I live in it. But sometimes you just gotta get away from that shit.

-after all, we each need a break from our own day-to-day existence, don’t we.

20121206-080912 AM.jpg

20121206-083036 AM.jpg

20121206-083052 AM.jpg

20121206-083118 AM.jpg


One thought on “Taking a Quick Break

  1. Hearing you from the heart Holly.

    Folks who visit Arizona in the winter feel the same as visiting your Island.

    Like harsh winters in NH, AZ is in reverse with harsh summers. We still love our weather, here, no matter what.

    We still go about daily life as everyone, however, visitors see the glamorous side of touring, fine dining, resort spa days, drinks at upscale locations, and of course golf. After they return home, our lives go back to the daily routines of earning livings and upkeep.

    After awhile, we tire of the fine warm weather and escape to the mountains or California ocean. When it is all said and done, like you, we love the life we live and where we live. We love people coming to visit, we love when they leave, we love hosting and we sometimes tire of being the host.

    In short, I think we become happy with who we are and then realize it doesn’t matter where we are, it’s that we are happy with our inner being and can be happy anywhere and make the best of it….And…Your inner being be very fine and happy – If you were living in Alaska folks would think the same about where you live, because you do the best in the place your in and make it just plain good. Never lose that!

    Love You

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