Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I’ve gotten away from the Weekly Photo Challenge for a while, a bit out of busy and a bit out of being lazy & not giving much attention to my blog….. T’was the Season.

I’m feeling inspired again by this weeks challenge of Illumination.

Here are a just few things that have illuminated my world in 2012.

Sunset Summer Snorkel

Sunset Summer Snorkel

Nov 1 All Soul's Day. The night cemetery completely illuminated with candlelight.

Nov 1 All Soul’s Day. The night cemetery solely illuminated with candlelight.

The next 2 are completely blurry, but I still love they way they light up the night. The right is an example of one of my favorite things about this island at night.  The way the big yachts light up the water around them gives the ocean a beautiful blue glow. Unfortunately my camera on night setting mixed with the movement of the boats doesn’t make for very clear photography, but hopefully you get the idea.

Christmas Eve gathering turned costume party

Christmas Eve gathering turned costume party

Yachts by Night

Yachts by Night














Aren’t Rainbows really just beautifully illuminated water droplets in the atmosphere?

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow


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