Island Slacker!

It has been exactly 79 days since I last posted anything here. I have no valid excuse, I have been a slacker. I could give the argument that I’ve been working hard and didn’t have energy, which was true for  only about 3 weeks. I could give the excuse that I didn’t have the time, but that would be a big fat lie.  -I read somewhere one time that said “to say you don’t have the time is to say you don’t want to. If you truly want to do something, you do it.” -or something like that. Truth is, I had the time.  I could give the excuse that I couldn’t decide what to write about, which is very true; I started writing 6 times only to be uninspired by myself, save & quit.  My annoying inner voice was telling me ” If you can’t even get excited about what you’re writing, who’s going to be excited about reading it?” -she was so out of line, but I believed it. I stepped away from the blog and I slacked off.

A couple days ago a few musician friends of mine who I haven’t seen for a year arrived back on the island. Two very cool guys that will be here playing music for two weeks. One of the first things my one friend, (I’ll call him LB because he doesn’t know I’m writing about him yet) said to me was “I really enjoy your blog!”  …Oh god, the blog….”Ugh” I said feeling a twitch of guilt & shame “I’ve been bad, I haven’t written anything for a while.” While my other friend MC, said “you have a blog? I didn’t know you have a blog” -another feeling of guilt for not writing & shame because I’ve neglected it for so long.  I wanted to stop discussing the blog because I regretted having abandoned it.  I decided right then & there in the middle of that conversation that I need to do something about it.
These two, without being aware, have given me a proverbial kick in the ass to stop making excuses for myself and stop slacking & most importantly start writing again! I’ve done a lot of fun stuff with some very cool people over these past 79 days and its time I start telling you all about it again.

Here are the titles to blogs currently unfinished in drafts: Blogger’s Block, Sidecar Martini, (No Title), Weekly Photo Challenge; My Neighborhood, Fire ants; My Nemisis and Martini of the Week. I hope to revisit a few & get them finished up in the near future. but today Island Slacker I think is most appropriate.
And one last thought before I go; those of you who do write every week (and some every day!) –how on earth do you do it?! How do you keep inspired?


7 thoughts on “Island Slacker!

  1. Wow awesome! I’m really glad that we inspired you to write again! Keep it going…I’ll be reading. The names of the unfinished blogs sound really interesting too 🙂

  2. Hooray Holly! Now I know the reason why I felt like a,”Mainland Slacker”, and guilty for not keeping up with your Blog. It just wasn’t there! Uncle Dave and I love to hear of your frolicking adventures that keep us young at heart and connected to a part of our family that we should never lose. ((((H)))) and Love You

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