Day 1 in NYC: Shopping & Rainstorm

One of the wonderful things about New York City is the walking. It’s a city that is alive with the constant activity of people in motion moving from point A to Point B. As a tourist, it’s wonderful to walk down the streets and discover all the city has to offer in your own time. -One of the drawbacks to the walking can be the weather.

I love being an island girl, but when I get to civilized society I like to feel as if I’m part of the real world again. Saturday I was on a mission to find sexy shoes, so my friend and I decided to go shopping. I tossed the umbrella that I proudly packed into my leather traveling backpack & out we went

Loved this flower vendor

Loved this flower vendor

Shopping for dinner

Shopping for dinner

First order of business was the local farmer’s market, where we bought free range Belle Rouge chickens, organic salad greens and vegetables for dinner. Shopping here was a much more enjoyable and inspiring process than in St. Barth, where most of the time produce is long past it’s peak and not worth the very expensive price paid for it.

We left the farmer’s market and headed for all the local shoe shops. We spent the afternoon happily browsing until we came upon Keneth Cole. I found the pair, they were gorgeous brown leather & classy. Not the exact color I wanted, but lovely enough to make me drop far more money from my wallet than I expected.

After shoe shopping, we stopped at CVS pharmacy so I could pick up some basics that TSA doesn’t allow you to travel with on planes. Ten minutes later we were walking out of CVS & headed to my friend’s apartment.  The skies quickly turned ominously dark with thunder booming louder and louder. The urgent looks on people’s faces said that things could turn nasty any moment. Being the novice that I am, I did not use this as a warning that maybe I should pull out my umbrella; instead we continued walking. Then the droplets came, great big splattering rain for the first 5 seconds, which quickly turned into a torrential downpour. My friend and I, each with hands full of bags, looked at each other with near panic. I franticly jammed my hand into my backpack to pull out the umbrella while she made a bee-line for a church that was right next to us, I followed, half distracted by my rummaging, half distracted by the pouring rain drenching me. She went to throw the doors to the church open & run in, but was stopped short by the fact that they were locked. There was no overhang for protection, so we threw our backs against the doors, as if being flattened to the building would offer any sense of protection. -It did not.

I whipped the umbrella out of my bag, but somehow in the process my CVS bag tore open, and as I pushed the umbrella button, all the contents in the bag tumbled to my feet. The umbrella opened and was immediately inverted by the wind. I got it right side down and we huddled under it. Here we were, crammed under this umbrella, hair & tooth-care products strewn around our feet, jackets in hand, but no way to put them on, trying to keep both our leather bags and my brand new, overly expensive leather shoes from getting wet, when my friend started screaming with laughter in my ear that it was raining down her ass. With the wind blowing from her side, poor dear, she got the brunt of water that hit her back and sheeted right down inside her pants. We were both laughing so hard, I truly started to pee my pants. I quickly shushed her before things really got out of hand (it’s bad enough to pee your pants as a child, never mind an adult!) She calmed and held the umbrella for me, while I crouched down to gather my things from the ground. Then I got soaked head to toe because I’d left the realm of Umbrellaland. We looked around thinking about what our next move should be. We needed to get out of the rain and there was no place to go.

-Oh but there was.


Boots & SaddleIf this were a movie, you would have seen a bright white light, with angelic voices gently singing ahhh, ahhhh, aaaahhhhh. There, across the street was a tall black man and a blonde drag queen standing in the doorway of the Boots and Saddle gay bar. We looked at each other, looked across the street, then looked at each other again then said, “Let’s go to the gay bar!” As we ran across the street, the man yelled out to us “Come on in ladies! get yourselves in here and get yourselves dried off, we’ve got vodka on special now and we’re about to start a game of charity bingo!” (for Leukemia research I later learned)

-This was at 4:30 in the afternoon. We did the only thing any self-respecting girl would do. We saddled up to the bar, ordered ourselves Vodka-Tonics & bought ourselves some bingo cards. Two hours, 3 vodka-tonics & 4 mystery shots each later the rain stopped and we were on our way home. It was one of the most surprisingly funny and entertaining afternoons I’ve spent in a long time, thanks to an unexpected rainstorm and a very funny drag queen named Delilah.

one of the many free shots during bingo

one of the many free shots during bingo

Delilah. A gracious host(ess) of bingo & free booze.

Delilah. A gracious host(ess) of bingo & free booze.


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