Day 2 in NYC: A Day of Culture

As I said in my first post about taking a break from the St. Barth, island life does not offer much in the line of cultural stimulation.  So I was happy when my friend told me she wanted to go to the Frieze Art Fair. I had no idea what the specifics were, but it was art & it was culture that I couldn’t get in St. Barth, so I was all in.

Sunday in NYC was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. I asked Siri on my iPhone if she thought we’d need an umbrella today after yesterday’s incident (click here to read about that adventure).  She said there was no rain in the forecast. I left the umbrella at home.


The exhibit was on Randall’s Island Park, which required a 20 minute ferry ride to get there. We bought the tickets online then headed out the door. We first went for an amazing brunch in the Meatpacking District at Pastis where I had incredibly delicious eggs Norwegian and a mimosa. We then took a taxi to the 35th street water taxi docks & hopped on the ferry. A few minutes later we were on our way. Lovely day that it was, I used the opportunity to take a few pics of the landscape around us.





We pulled up the docks on the island and I could see a ginormous tent with hundreds of people milling about. My anxiety quickly spiked; I’m an island girl now, I’m not used to crowds and being surrounded by masses of people. Not wanting to stress my friend, I hid my anxieties as we walked off the ferry. Once inside, the space really opened up:  it was huge, well ventilated, perfect temperature & lighting and spacious enough to keep the throngs of people moving smoothly.

The next 4 hours were spent looking at and discussing art before stopping in an outside beer garden in the middle of the exhibition for a late lunch of fabulous grilled Brats & cold pilsner. We then headed back in to see the rest of the exhibits before getting back to the ferry by 5:30.  Here are 3 of my favorites from the day.

My Kind of Art display! Msc. glasses filled w/ various liquids, set on glass table

My Kind of Art display! Msc. glasses filled w/ various liquids, set on glass table

Cornelia Parker. "30 Piece of Silver"  Suspended, Flattened Silver.

Cornelia Parker. “30 Piece of Silver” Suspended, Flattened Silver.

Sandra Cinto. "Emerald II" Acrylic white pen on painted canvas.

Sandra Cinto. “Emerald II” Acrylic white pen on painted canvas.



We arrived back in her apartment by 6:15PM, with just enough time to change & head 10 blocks to meet her ex-husband and son for a mother’s day dinner at the fabulous Morandi restaurant.  It was an amazing feast of carciofi all giudea (fried artichokes with lemon), calamari alla griglia (grilled squid with peppers, capers & olives), lasagna, and risotto primavera (vegetable risotto) followed by cannolis, fresh fruit & homemade zeppoli (italian donuts).
Excellent food, good wine and great company capped off what was a memorable weekend in New York.

Next Stop: New Hampshire.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 in NYC: A Day of Culture

  1. I can relate to your need to get away from “paradise” – I lived in the Southern Caribbean, on the island of Tobago for a while. It became very small very quickly, seeing the same people over and over again. Ultimately, I chose not to stay there, although if my marriage had worked out I might still be there…. you never know where life takes you….

    • ah yes, you know exactly what it’s like! Those of us who have lived it know ot isn’t always blissful paradise 🙂 Tobago is one of the islands I hope to visit one day soon.

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