Pile ‘o’ Books, Deconstructed

I’m not a big reader, I get distracted entirely too easily. I have good intentions for reading and I LOVE books, it’s just that I slack when it comes to actually reading them.   I can easily spend hours wandering bookstores, perusing  covers, shuffling through best-seller tables and reading samples of the hundreds of titles on display.  Once I get them home though, something strange happens and they get put in the now growing library of well-intentioned future reads, not touched for years,  gathering dust…and since we’re in the caribbean, mildew.
Friday I was going through some of my clutter and decided to weed through my pile ‘o’ books with the intention of getting rid of the ones I really just don’t want to read. Problem is, there are 11 books that I do want to read from that pile (plus another stack of 10 general self-help & new-age-ey books that I’m not even going to go into now).

I wondered how long it would take me to read all 11.  Keeping in mind that I’m not a big reader, I set a goal for myself of 20 pages minimum per day. Having done all the math for each book, I have factored that it will take me precisely 6 months maximum to polish these bad boys off.


Deconstructing my task a step more, I’ve put post-it notes on the front of each, indicating number of pages & time allotment to finish.   Adding yet another step to the process, inside the book I’m currently reading I have a week’s worth of pink post-its marked with each day of the week in 20 page increments, plus a yellow post-it for my actual place so I can keep track of where I am and when.

IMG_0668 IMG_0670
My friends think I’m nuts, and I’ve taken more than my fair share of ribbing, calling me a combination of OCD, ADD & ruined by my job (in which everything must be carefully documented and orderly at all times).  They may be right, I may be some or all of these things, but I look at it this way: Big Goal and Small Goals.  The Big Goal is to finish a minimum of 11 books in 6 months. The Small Goals are: first, to get through 20 pages minimum each day, and second, get through each book on or ahead of schedule.  I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.


My friends also say I’ve taken the joy out of reading. I say doing it this way keeps me on track every day with small accomplishments & I can be proud of myself if/when I get ahead of schedule, plus crack down when I get behind; because I know I am going to lapse at some point in my reading every single day for 6 monthss.

So here I go. Television, I’m sorry, you’re going to be neglected for a while. I get the feeling you’ll get over it though.

Six Month Reading List (in no particular order):IMG_0671


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