Blue Gold

I was in one of the local island markets the other day to pick up a few things.  Nothing major; some dried beans, rice, a few bottles of booze, coffee & fruit -blueberries, to be exact.  Just the basics needed to maintain my healthy and not-so-healthy lifestyle.  As anyone does while waiting in line at the checkout, I was estimating  how much the total might come to, and I came in at about 30 euros in my mind.  The girl took all my items & when finished scanning everything, said to me: “quarante deux euros.”  (Kaa-ront-dooze)

….wait… hold on… quarante duex?  -did I hear her right? quarante deux is forty two, I must have mis-heard (which happens to me all the time, confusing french 30 for 13, 67 for 77…. french is damned confusing for me).

I looked at the monitor.  Yep, quarante duex it was. I didn’t fully understand why, but I had indeed heard correct.  So I paid, got my change & receipt and walked towards the door. Stopping to look at the receipt, I read down the list:   (mind you, prices are in euros)IMG_2099

  • Rhum Pere                     7.99     -yep
  • Sir Edwards whisky     6.07     -yep
  • Germalevure                 4.86     -yep
  • Cafe Santo Domingo  2.90     -ok
  • Goya Red Kidneys       1.59     -no problem
  • Riz Rouge                        3.14    – right on track
  • Article                               6.22    -not unreasonable for an “article”
  • Blueberries                     9.57     -WOW!! ……WHAT??….

And there it was, the very last item, a little half pint of blueberries for my breakfast smoothie, imported from somewhere in South America cost $13.22 by that day’s exchange rates! -now you see, it is cheaper to buy a bottle of booze than it is to buy a half pint of blueberries here in paradise.  Not that I’m complaining.  Living here has its rewards.  Cheap prices is not one of them though.  Booze being the exception.

Don’t even get me started on how much it costs for a half gallon of fresh milk!

That’s another story for another day.


****** A BIENTOT ******

eenie, meenie, miney, mo, which one's cheaper, bet you don't know!

eenie, meenie, miney, mo, which one’s cheaper, bet you don’t know!


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