Freediving: Underwater Meditation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFreediving is different from snorkeling. In snorkeling you mostly stay on the surface of the water, casually looking at the underwater wildlife, diving down occasionally to see something closer up.



Freediving however is more centered on pushing your mind & your body to the depths of their limits; whatever they may be. I often say that I am more comfortable in the water than on land, and given the choice I will always chose swimming over hiking (where water temperature is agreeable.)

Snorkeling to me is very relaxing, more floating than swimming.   The sport of freediving is exhilerating, and not generally for the faint of heart. To swim below the surface of the water, holding your breath for as long as you can, diving down, battling the pressures of the depths while quieting your mind takes practice. It takes concentration.  It takes a strong will and if you’re pushing your limits, it takes (for me) a lot of talking yourself out of panic.


For those who don’t freedive, or who don’t like to be under the water in general -I know there are a lot of you out there – The best way to explain what it’s similar to, is to imagine holding your breath while jogging. Choose a spot at which you can breathe again, and don’t take a breath until you get to that point. It’s not hard at first, but when you keep pushing the distance, or the time more and more, it becomes a mental game of strength.

I’m no professional, nor do I aspire to be, but when under the water like that, you think about nothing else. You don’t think about work, or to-do lists or personal drama or financial issues. You think about your mind, your body, your breaths and your surroundings. Some people do yoga or meditate to calm their mind. For me being in the water and freediving is my meditation; it is my happy place.



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