Time Flies.

It has been exactly EIGHT MONTHS since I updated my blog and I have done a lot of living in those months! So many changes in every aspect of my world of which I will explain all in due-time.  To start, I need to say that I am no longer living on the island of St Barth -by my choice, something in my soul was calling for change- and have gone from pretty much staying put within an 8 square mile radius for the past 9 years, to, by the time mid January rolls around, having covered over 8,000 miles of the USA!

In the next few days and weeks, I will be updating my blog to reflect these changes, starting with the format today, which I think is easier to read & navigate through..

Departure day. August 16, 2014

Departure day. August 16, 2014

last view of the caribbean for a while

last view of the caribbean for a while

Although I am currently not living on an island, I think the name of my blog still fits; What I am living is still My Island Life. I have never, nor will I start now, living a conventional life. I do it all on my own terms and in my own time. I don’t think I will physically be away from literal Island Life for long, but for now more adventures off-island are calling, and so, I have adjusted my sails accordingly and am going in the direction which the gentle breezes of change are pushing me.  In life, there’s no holding back, no stopping….. because time flies like the wind.


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