The Journey to Mainland: How I Got Back Here.

Sunday I will depart Jupiter, Florida to embark on a cross country road tip to California to spend Christmas & New Year’s with my sister, brother-in-law, dad & step-mom. But before we get to that, I feel like I need to digress a bit.

There has been so much that has gone on since leaving the island (and even before then) and I’m really quite annoyed with myself for having let so much time lapse because now I am going to have to keep backtracking all over the place to try to make some sense of the timeline of where I am & how I got to be here. I will eventually go back to my last weeks on the island, but for now, I’m going with my travels back to US.

Sunday’s departure will actually be part 2 out of 3 of road trips.  Or If you really want to get technical, part 3 out of 4. Since I suppose my departure from St. Barth was the first one (but since I was flying, does that qualify?  Bear with me here, its an important part of the journey!).  I shared a lot about the changes on Facebook, so am going to add links below (in blue) that you can hopefully click on with photos & more elaboration of what I’ve done.


Part One of my journey started when I left St Barth for USA on August 16. That was a very emotional day for me which still truly chokes me up if I allow myself to think about it.  I flew back to NH with 7 bags, 2 pet crates, 2 dogs, 1 very small French Sherpa (aka my friend, Fanny) & 1 exhausted American (me). Despite an incredible hangover & severe lack of sleep from a going away party that lasted well into the early morning, day one of travel day went without a hitch. An overnight stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico for day two of travel and 14 hours of sitting & waiting in airports & we’d reached our final airport destination: Boston. The dogs were THRILLED to be released from their crates when we picked them up at midnight, and other than peeing for about a minute straight each- they fared VERY well!. A 2 hour drive to NH to my dad’s was all that remained of our very long trip….except getting Fanny back to another airport so she could catch her flight back to St Barth again 4 hours later- we were walking zombies! but we’d done the hard part!

In the interest of condensing my story, I will summarize the 2.5 months that followed as briefly as I can:

  • Hung out in my condo in the White Mountains of NH.
  • Did a guest bathroom renovation myself (ok, dad helped me one day with the floor replacement and painting).
  • Took plenty of walks/ hikes in the woods with the dogs.
  • Visited family and friends.
  • Went zip-lining at Gunstock NH (something I hadn’t thought too much about ahead of time, but opportunity presented itself & I grabbed it- so glad I did!!).
  • Bought a car (2012 Ford Escape)IMG_3712
  • Took a photo of my back yard every day I was at the condo, for a month straight at 7AM (will post about that in the future.)
  • Watched the late summer greens turn into early & mid autumn colors
  • Met some new peopleIMG_3427
  • Saw Steely Dan tribute band, Hey 19 at a local converted movie hall.
  • Visited the NH seacoast for the first time in years.
  • Day trip to Boston.
  • Took time to think about my life: where I’d been & where I was going.
  • Departed for a road trip to Florida (more about that in my next entry- That’s Part Two).


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