Moments of Reflection

Of course, any day can, and should be an opportunity for reflection; taking stock of our lives, analyzing our past choices and where they’ve landed us, reviewing our current situations and where they will lead us in the future. The end of each year though, tends to be an especially mindful time of taking stock in life’s direction.



I consider myself to have been extremely fortunate in life… The majority of my fortune coming from experiences & perspective,  money being just a side effect of a well-lived life. Even with a blog and all the social network sites, what I share with the world & what many of my friends in “FacebookLand” see is limited. What I share is the positive, so-called glamorous stuff that goes on in my life. But the truth is, my lifestyle has its share of numerous ups and downs just like everyone else’s. The trade-offs and downward turns of living such a “carefree” lifestyle are many… But I wouldn’t change any of it for anything. The experience I have had and the people who have come into my life have been worth every minute of of the behind-the-scenes anxiety and extreme uncertainty.


IMG_68802014 has seen me through many changes. Leaving my amazing island life after 9 years and changing everything I’ve become accustomed to was a giant leap into the unknown. Saying goodbye to people on that tiny French island who’d become much more than friends, and more of a chosen family to me – was EXTREMELY hard to do. As hard as it was, my soul was calling for something else, something I wasn’t aware of, but something I knew was out there. Saying goodbye to what you know for the complete uncertainty takes a messy combination of a little guts, a little stupidity, and a little trust in higher powers (of fate or faith or whatever you believe in) that no matter what, everything is going to work out exactly as it should.



Four months into my latest grand life-change I have no idea exactly where that last leap is taking me. In August my visions of my future were best described as dense fog. I couldn’t see at all where I was heading into the future. I knew something else was there somewhere on the unseen horizon for me, but just couldn’t see it.  Since I’ve taken that step off island life in August, my life has had some very interesting twists & turns, both geographically and personally. I’ve taken 2 significant solo road trips (with my island dogs); the first from New Hampshire to Florida in October. The second from Florida to California in December, and tomorrow I embark upon a third with an partner in crime as well as my island girls. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. It isn’t all clear yet, but the fog has been slowly lifting and I look forward to seeing what adventures 2015 is going to bring me.

Happy New Year- the adventures continue.



3 thoughts on “Moments of Reflection

    • sorry for slow response. I’ve been away from my blog for a while. But it’s time to get back! Just checked out yours, and am smiling in reading your introduction. I also lived in LA before moving to the caribbean. It was definitely a love/hate relationship living there for me also! looking forward to following your adventures.

      • Wow, many similarities between the two of us! My main goal this year is to stay up to date with my blogging and gain a good group of people to chat with about the up-coming move! LA is so icky and commercial, so much that I had to spend most of my time either in the mountains or inland to the desert to not be completely miserable. Thank you for the comment, and I would love to see you in Tonga (once we get settled in, we want to host guests almost always)!

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