Hey, Evolution of (island) Life Takes Time!

A year has gone by since my last post. Really? An entire year. How do I keep letting time slip away like this?

I suspect if I’m going to be honest with you, dear blog, and I think you deserve that because you’ve always been here for me, I suppose I could say it stems from guilt.

It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about you, dear blog. I have! From time to time as my adventures have unfolded, I’ve considered popping back in & sharing an update. But we both know, based on the cobwebs in the corners, that I have not. You were my baby and the fact is that I have ignored you. This is unacceptable and you deserve an explanation and I need some internal understanding so that we can evolve & I can not let this keep happening to us both. We deserve better and we have a lot to share with the world!

I think a mental block has formed from feeling a bit deceitful when your name, my beloved blog, is My Island Life.  How could I possibly post non-island related content as I originally intended when we started?  How can I do that to you, dear blog? Won’t that cause an identity crisis for you and those who follow us expecting something related to caribbean island living? Isn’t that like false advertising?…  I’ve not been able to come up with an answer that I’m comfortable with and because of that I’ve neglected you.   Until now, I’ve not discovered the link between some of my truly grand adventures on mainland & the premise behind your name, My Island Life. Holly’s Island Life….

I have realized something that does make me feel a bit at ease and it is this: it is my. island. life. I suppose island has evolved to currently being a figurative word, a homonym if you will.  Merriam-Webster states that island has several definitions, it is not just a body of land surrounded on all sides by water. It can also be a raised area in the middle of driving areas (such as in a parking lot or highway) or a freestanding cabinet structure in your kitchen. The fact is islands aren’t only found in the sense that I intended when I started this blog and inserted the noun into My Life. (This may or may not be a stretch of the imagination, depending on how evolved you consider yourself to be) isn’t each of us also an island if you think about it? Unless you’re a very rare conjoined twin, you are a singular mass standing alone with people, energy, sound, air and sometimes water moving and flowing all around you at all moments of the day.   Here we are now- my life and my blog have developed gradually, from a simple to more complex form, as islands (and lives) do… with growth and inevitable change of time, weather & people who come and go. I am an island, this is my island life.

I feel much better now.  I feel like once again we can start sharing our adventure filled life. I hope you forgive me- Let’s go!

PS- don’t think I’ve given up on literal island life. I have not! And I still have plenty of untold stories from my years that I will be sharing in the meantime. As a part of evolution I will now try to blend the past with the present in my storytelling.


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