A Temporary Return to the Islands

As a kid, growing up in New Hampshire I hated that I was born in February.

All of my friends who were born in summer months got to have outside barbecues, pool parties and beach outings in bathing suits for their birthdays. I was relegated to stay indoors (insert frowny-face emoticon) in a pizza place or Chinese restaurant, which, while enjoyable, wasn’t quite the same. I wished I could be lucky enough to live someplace that was warm in February or have a summer month birthday!sad-birthday-girl-cake-isolated-white-background-30128255

dreamstime.com stock photo


When I moved to the Caribbean I got my wish (Manifest Destiny, some might say.) Constant 80ºF temps meant summer year round and, finally, birthdays at the beach, every day at the beach for that matter.  Alas, all good things must end, and moving back to New Hampshire in 2014 meant it was back to cold winter birthdays again… Or did it?!


Last Beach Birthday before leaving St. Barth. Feb 2014

This year, the stars aligned for this island girl once again

and I was able to head back to land of endless summer for my birthday.  My boyfriend of nearly a year and a half has his birthday 10 days before mine.  His best friend & his fiancé wanted to celebrate it with us doing something special since this was a big one for him (six-oh!).  Since it was my birthday too, we decided to go back to that place that they’d  been hearing about over the past year.

Ten days back in the Caribbean; bare feet, tank tops, short skirts, bikinis!  We planned to spend the first 5 days on St. Barth for the fun & party atmosphere & so my boyfriend could meet my St. Barth ‘family’ that I’ve missed so much.  It would be 5 days of non-stop action and we’d need a vacation after our vacation, so we followed that up by 5 more days someplace neither of us has ever been to where we could relax: Vieques Puerto Rico. There we would visit more dear friends of mine who own a boutique hotel there.

Like a wonderful fruity adult beverage with the perfect mix of rums, fruit juices & ice, this recipe would be the perfect concoction of the familiar sun, booze, friends and fun, followed by more sun, friends, relaxation & discovery of someplace new. Pop in a (beach) umbrella and we’re good to go!

I was excited for another Caribbean adventure on the horizon.


..Oh, have I mentioned the Grande Finale of this trip yet?

Yeah, all this caribbean fun in the sun would be immediately followed by a weekend road trip to snowy, Quebec Canada. Ya know, just to mix it up & keep things interesting.

Details of the trip will be posted every Sunday over the next few months.

-Next Leg: Travel Day Good Times.


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