Old BAGuettes: Carnival Costume 2014

Creative Carnival Costumes:

  • Corsets & large tutus ordered from Amazon
  • small pink tutus purchased on island
  • Headpieces recycled from St. Thomas’ Carnival the previous year
  • Assortment of  (inexpensive) french pastries
  • Lacquer, spray paint, glue guns, glitter and several bottles of rosé wine!

Start and Finish

The Process:

Purchase cheap pastries. Dry them for days in a very low oven (not an easy process in the high humidity of the caribbean). When completely dry, spray with lacquer to seal and shine.

I dubbed our costume creating sessions:

Guns & Rosé

Dismantle and spray paint everything gold!

Sparkle everything up with gold glitter,  determine placement on tutus. Then, using glue guns, attach every single one meticulously by hand… and try not to burn ourselves.

Fittings & adjustments

Guns & Rosé days, hours of work and fun!


It’s all starting to come together now.

Headpiece day. Original feathers were orange and purple. We pulled headpieces apart, spray painted, glittered and attached pastries.

As I said in my blog, half the fun of Carnival is the process of preparation!

Almost finished, we take some time to tell tall tales and practice sounding off Conch horns while sporting our new headpieces.


Carnival Day is finally here!

Costumes laid out, ready to step into


Old BAGuettes 2014!




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