50th Post!

Today was kind-of a big deal for me as a “writer”

Upon posting my latest entry this morning, I got a notification from WordPress that it was my 50th post! Today is the first day of spring, I posted my 50th blog, and it was about my favorite topic: Carnival.  It feels like a special day to me.

When I first started writing,

MeIt was because when talked to people about my life, they always thought I had some interesting stories to tell. I have been told countless numbers of times “you should write a book about all your adventures!” To be honest, I don’t consider myself that good of a writer, but I do consider myself to have lived an amazing life and had some great adventures, and I agree, they should be shared!  I decided to do exactly that through this site on August 22, 2012 when I wrote my very first post, having no idea where it would go.

Riddler's RevengeMy life, like everyone’s, I’d imagine, has been a rollercoaster. I’ve allowed time to slip away from me and slacked off in my writing a lot throughout these 4+ years. I’m happy to be keeping up with it regularly now, and hope to continue my current momentum of posting at least once a week for as long as I can. Self-discipline is definitely not my strong suit, but I’m going to go for it!

Below are a few random highlights from the past 4-ish years. With the start of spring, comes new possibilities for renewal. Using this as inspiration, I’ve set a goal to reach 100 posts before the end of 2016. At the rate I’m going now, I think it’s possible.

HAPPY SPRING, Thanks for following my adventures!

Holly's LifeEvolution Takes Time! A Year Gone By



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  1 Year Anniversary of Blogging


IMG_6517Tempus Fugit. Time Flies. 8 months Gone By


Unknown-3 Starting Over. Writing Challenge, How I got here


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReflecting on Life. My Twist on All Saint’s Day


IMG_8031Island Slacker: 79 Days Without Writing



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