Just Another Wednesday in Paradise

Part 5 of my Caribbean Adventures (click here to read part 4, or start from the beginning)

4o hours of Whirlwind, it’s time to relax.

IMG_3412Yesterday was Carnival. We’ve only been on St. Barth for a total of 40 hours and it’s been non-stop. Today Ship’s Birthday and we’re going to do whatever he wants to do, and what he wants to do is have a relaxing day at the beach. Um, okay, I think we can accommodate that request!

Decisions, decisions.



The biggest decisions of today shall consist of deciding where to eat three meals. These are the kinds of difficult vacation decisions that hard-working folks love to have! We opt for breakfast at the villa, lunch and dinner out. We head down the road to Shell Beach  around 11 AM to park ourselves on the lounge chairs at the restaurant Do Brazil. I love coming here, it’s unpretentious, directly on the beach, good service, good food and drink. The manager of the restaurant, David, has become my friend over the years and is always smiling & in a good mood. During high season,they often have funky euro-lounge music playing in the afternoons, which I love, but I think it takes some getting used to for Ship, Tom & Karen. This also isn’t the cheapest restaurant on the island, but it’s also certainly not the most expensive. Some visitors complain about the prices, but honestly, part of the price you’re paying is for the atmosphere. To me, it is 100% worth it.

Is it wrong that I order an entire bottle of rosé for myself?..

…That’s more of a rhetorical question, because to that I say, “Nope! not at all!” …It’s not IMG_3436that I didn’t want to share, but the other 3 didn’t want wine, and I love drinking rosé or prosecco at the beach. If you have not done so, I highly recommend it, it feels so luxurious! I know in the U.S.A. there are various rules and laws about no glass on the beach, no drinking in public, no drinking in the sun, blah, blah, blah!… get over yourselves already. This is a Euro/ Caribbean island we’re talking about, where basic rules of common courtesy and human IMG_3438decency apply. (Imagine that!) Don’t be a drunken troublemaker, take care to not break anything, don’t leave your trash on the beach, and for crying out loud, be the respectable adult your momma hoped you’d be! and you’ll have no problems with other beach-goers or police…anyway…I digress.  I wanted rosé, and let’s be honest; when do I ever drink just one glass?!  We settled in for a beautiful afternoon on the beach. Ordered lunch (lobster salad, burgers, Mahi-mahi skewers & drinks. It’s an amazing day of sun, sand, and swimming and not one thought of the arctic blast that was hitting NH at that very moment! This is the perfect beach birthday for the birthday boy. It’s the perfect beach day for us all as a matter of fact.

IMG_3432 ‘Older ButWiser!’ Ship beina good sport and donning the ridiculous birthday glasses I got him.

My island friends start showing up mid afternoon, but unfortunately, the four of us can’t stay late the way I would have when I lived here. Vacation beach-going mode is different from local beach-going mode. It’s operating on different shifts: Vacation shift is mid-day, peak sun time. Local shift is late afternoon, after the most intense heat is past. I spend a bit of time with my friends who have come down and am happy to see them, but we need to leave. After 4 hours of sun, swimming and booze my traveling buddies are ready for a shower and nap before getting ready to head out for dinner.

Dinner Time.

IMG_3485IMG_3442We’ve chosen to drive to the other side of the island to Le Toiny Hotel. for dinner. We’ve made reservations for 7:30, but arrive early to sit outside, under the stars and have a few cocktails first. After about an hour, and 2 cocktails each, we make our way to the table for dinner. We’re all in a good mood and hungry. Karen, being the sassy woman that she is, decides to embrace the “life is short, eat dessert first” philosophy, and orders a slice of chocolate cake as her appetizer. Ship orders the Black Truffle Pasta and Parmesan <Toiny Style>, where they come with a cart and make it right at your table with a burner and a giant Wheel of Parmesan. It’s an impressive sight and decadently delicious! (I recently learned where the original recipe came from while watching an episode of the Netflix series The Chef’s Table about Italian chef Massimo Bottura. If you’re a foodie, click here to read about it. It’s a great story!) After a fabulous dinner, we have one last stop to make on the birthday tour.

No celebratory night out is complete without a trip to Baz

Baz Bar was my ‘Cheers!‘ for the last several years that I lived on the island. It was my home away from home; the place where everybody knows your name.  You could find me there at least 3 nights of the week, and on some weeks, depending on the band, even more IMG_0030often.  The corner spot at the bar was dubbed “Holly’s Corner” and a picture of me and two of my girlfriends, sipping Cosmopolitans still hangs in the center of the mirror above the bar (sorry Jimmy Buffett, Stage Right for you.) After all the stories he’s heard, Ship wants to share as much of the Baz scene with me as possible. Who am I to deny a birthday request?.. it is still his birthday after all. Sigh, I suppose we could make a brief stop for just one (yeah right!) to see my favorite bartender, Jake.

After several perfect cocktails by Jake and lots of laughs, it’s getting late now & we’re all ready to call it a night. Time to get some rest, we have more caribbean adventures on the horizon again tomorrow.


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