Who is this Island Girl?

For the Past 9 years, I have resided in the caribbean, on a tiny eight square mile island. (see below the dotted line to learn about my past life.) All that changed in August of 2014, when I decided to leave small island life behind for a while. I lived an amazing life there, the kind of life that many people dream of, and many more couldn’t even begin to imagine.

I can’t fully explain my reason for leaving with 100% clarity; the short story is that it was time. I was ready to move onto something else in terms of work, and on the personal front, something in my soul was tugging at me for change. When asked by so many people why I was making the change, the simplest answer that I was most comfortable with was summed up in 3 words: “Its just time.”  The inner voice was telling me it was time to move on, and since I’ve always been the type to stick my net out to catch opportunities before they fluttered past me, I listened to the whisper.

Departure Day. I didn't expect all these people to show up to see me off.

Departure Day. I didn’t expect all these people to show up to see me off. My breaking heart was overflowing with love and sadness on this day.

It was not easy. Change is never easy, no matter how many times you do it (and I’ve done it A LOT), no matter how addicted to it you may be (and I think I am). Stepping off the cliff into the unknown is a terrifying act, the moments leading up to the great leap create uncertainty and anxiety like most people cannot comprehend. Its the sort of feeling the majority of society spend their lives avoiding at all costs- it’s the reason people stay in dead-end jobs or unfulfilling/ bad relationships: change is uncomfortable. I seem to gravitate towards that fear. Leaving my very comfortable life on a very comfortable tropical island was difficult. Leaving an amazing group of people who became more of a chosen family than friends was utterly heartbreaking. …But it was all necessary. Stepping outside that comfort zone is where most inner growth takes place if you’re paying attention. It was time.

So, August 2014: I packed up my 2 adorable & charming island dogs, Papillon and Suka, along with everything I could fit into 4 pieces of checked baggage, plus 3 carry-ons & we moved back to the US. The adventure that is my life continues. Now that I’m not restricted to 8 square miles, I’m on the move… A LOT. So here we go. I may not physically be on an island right now, but this most certainly is still My Island Life.  And I promise…. it certainly will continue to be a grand adventure!

Papillon & Suka: Ready to board

Papillon & Suka: Ready to board

A bit nervous about their first flight.

A bit nervous about their first flight.








____________________________   Pre August 2014  _________________________________________

I currently reside on the Caribbean Island of Saint Barthelemy.  17° 54’ N, 62° 51’ W.

I don’t think I have much in the line of meaningful life lessons or words of wisdom. If you find them thrown into the mix somewhere here, please, let me know.  This is mostly a documentation of this life I live that so many people are curious about.

People tell me all the time that I am “lucky”. Luck has nothing to do with it my friends, I just grabbed hold of a few opportunities that came my way instead of letting them pass. I have worked my ass off to live the life I live. Nothing has been given to me and I am not financially wealthy (nor do I aspire to be). I have sacrificed some things along the way – just like everyone else in this world. I’ve just done it in an more unconventional way than others.  I’m no hippy, but years ago I chose not to live The American Dream and was never interested in Keeping up with the Jonses so I’ve done a lot!  Life has brought me back and forth from New England to California to Florida & Bahamas back to New England and now the Caribbean, and I’ve done all my learning through living & life experiences, (following the words of the great adventure writer Mark Twain that said “never let school get in the way of a good education”) and isn’t that what life should be about; living and learning?  I’d rather do stuff than have stuff.  I work hard but I play harder and hopefully you’ll find a bit of enjoyment out of following along.

If there’s something you’d like to learn about my island life, please let me know! Any source of inspiration for writing is welcome!

Thanks for reading… and welcome to my island life.

Silence is golden

Ducktape is silver


12 thoughts on “Who is this Island Girl?

  1. I wish I found your blog sooner but 2013 gives me 365 days of chances of sharing your island journey. Looking through your pictures of spending a beautiful , peaceful life in the islands made me wish I never left the islands. Perhaps one day God will hear my prayers and I will go back where the sun seems to be always smiling warmly, generously. Hoping to share your journey too.

    • thank you so much. I’m relatively new to this too, so you aren’t far behind!.. This next year will hopefully bring some wonderful things to us all, no matter where we live. Paradise is wherever we are & what we make of it.

    • Thank you! -I really love all the pics you post. I’m not vegan, but I do try to keep my consumption of animal products to a bare minimum, and love veggies & legumes. Its nice to see your posts & get new ideas/ inspirations for on the go vegan meals. Keep it up, it’s inspiring 🙂

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